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DAC Team (Edinburgh) is recruiting

The University of Edinburgh, has a vacancy for a PDRA with expertise in scientific data management to support the distributed computing and data storage facilities of the GridPP collaboration and to contribute to the development of data analysis facilities for UK-based astronomers working with observations from the Large Synoptic Survey Telescope (LSST).

Please circulate the link to the position advert to anyone who may be interested.

Recruitment of new LSST:UK Project Scientist

Applications are open for a new LSST:UK Project Scientist, as Sarah Bridle has moved on to become PI of the STFC's Food Network+. Full details of the position and the application process can be found here and the deadline for applications is March 22nd.

LSSTC Data Science Fellowship Program

Applications are now open for the LSST Data Science Fellowship Program, which is "a supplement to graduate education in astronomy, intended to teach students essential skills for dealing with big data". The programme consists of three week-long schools per year over a two-year period and will be "free or nearly free" for students. Click here for more information.

This is a web resource to support the work of the LSST:UK Collaboration, including its governance, research activities and engagement with LSST entities in the United States and elsewhere. Most areas of the site are accessible only with a valid account. If you are involved in LSST:UK and wish to have access to this site, click through to apply for an account.

To help you get started, if you are new to Confluence or the LSST:UK Wiki, look at the New-user Introduction and Site Guidelines.

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Information and useful links for the LSST project (international)

Website Layout and Content

The LSST:UK Wiki is divided into different 'spaces', to help people find the colleagues and materials that are relevant to them. All but the Home space can only be accessed using a user account. Some spaces are restricted-access and only accessible by users with specific responsibilities. The current list of spaces is as follows:

  • Home – this space, which is available without the need to login and holds topical, public information, plus links to useful resources.
  • LSST:UK Science Centre (requires login) – which holds material for the (PPRP-funded, Phase A) LUSC project team.
  • LSST:UK Executive Committee (restricted to Executive Committee) – which holds information specifically for the Executive Committee.
  • LSST:UK SWG (requires login) – which holds materials for the various science-working groups and science collaborations that LSST:UK engages with.
  • LSST:UK Board (restricted to Board Members, plus supporting roles (that is, Project Manager, Project Leader, and so on)).

 You can navigate to a site that is visible from you via the 'Spaces' pull-down menu at the top of most pages. If you do not have access to a space that you believe you should have access to, contact the LSST:UK Project Manager (George Beckett). Also do this, if you do have access to a space that you don't believe you should have access to.

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