2022 LSST Affiliate PI/Junior Associate Selection Round

Access to proprietary LSST data by UK researchers will be obtained in exchange for the UK’s in-kind contribution to Rubin operations. The content of the UK in-kind package has been approved by the Rubin Management Board, but the UK data rights agreement has not yet been signed. That is not now expected to happen until Summer 2022, and we will not know formally until then whether we have been able to secure data rights for the whole UK community or for a finite list of named Affiliate PIs and Junior Associates.

Given the current uncertainty, it has been decided that the 2022 selection round shall only award data rights for a one-year period, up to 31/12/22, rather than for the three-year terms that has been typical in previous rounds. This will allow UK researchers to continue to engage with LSST Science Collaborations, etc, until we know how we will manage UK data rights in the longer run.

The selection round will operate as follows:

  • Those who currently hold Affiliate PI or Junior Associate status and whose term ends on 31/12/21 will automatically receive a one-year extension upon indicating on the application form linked below that they wish their status to continue to 31/12/22.

  • Those who do not currently hold Affiliate PI or Junior Associate status can use the form to apply for a one-year term: candidate Junior Associates may self-nominate or be nominated (using the same form).

  • Those whose current term extends beyond 31/12/22 should not apply in this round.

As part of the application process, you will be required to sign the LSST:UK Code of Conduct, so you should read that before applying, as well as ensuring that you satisfy the eligibility criteria for Affiliate PI or Junior Associate status, as described in the LSST:UK Policy for Selection of Affiliate PIs and Junior Associates.


Application Form: https://edinburgh.onlinesurveys.ac.uk/2022-lsst-uk-data-right-appl

Applications will close at 16.00 on Friday, November 19.


If you experience technical problems completing either of these forms please contact the LUSC Project Manager, George Beckett (george.beckett@ed.ac.uk), while any policy questions should be addressed to the LSST:UK Consortium Board Chair, Mike Watson (mgw@leicester.ac.uk).