Call for Contributions


As explained below, we welcome requests for various kinds of contributions, with deadlines summarised as follows:

  • Focus Sessions:

    • proposals for other focus sessions: please contact us ASAP, and definitely by April 26th.

    • requests for talks at the Solar System parallel session: April 30th

  • Contributed Talks: submissions by April 28th.

  • Flash Talks: submissions by April 28th.

  • Posters: submissions by the registration deadline of May 7th.

Focus Sessions

We wish to support community proposals for two kinds of parallel session:

  • A series of talks run through Zoom

  • A discussion held in GatherTown

Those interested in organising a focus session of either kind are encouraged to contact the organising committee (by emailing LUSC-CONFERENCE@JISCMAIL.AC.UK) ASAP and, definitely, to have completed the online form for proposing parallel sessions by 16.00 on April 26th.

We will aim to respond to your request as soon as possible. We will provide the Zoom or GatherTown resources needed for your session, and will help to advertise it, but, otherwise, it will be up to you to organise the contributions to your session and to host it.

The list of focus sessions already proposed are listed here: LSST:UK All Hands 2021 meeting : Programme

Contributed Talks

We are soliciting a few 15-min contributed talks for the plenary programme. These should be of interest to a wide subsection of the LSST:UK community and appropriate topics would be scientific plans, follow-up programmes, maximising UK science gains from the Rubin LSST and other UK facilities.

The initial plenary schedule is listed here : LSST:UK All Hands 2021 meeting : Programme . We are happy to shape this further, depending on the community response for contributed talks.

If you want to give a contributed talk, please complete the online form for proposing contributed talks by 16.00 on April 28th.

We will email successful applications by May 4th.

One-slide Presentations

We want to give as many people as possible the chance to provide a brief summary of their plans for Rubin LSST to the LSST:UK community. To that end, we are inviting one-slide presentations that can be delivered as 3-minute flash talks and/or as posters within GatherTown; our virtual conference venue in GatherTown will feature a poster area, and your avatar can stand next to your poster and you can talk to people who come to look at it.

The meeting registration page include instructions for submitting your one-slide presentation. If you want it to be considered for presentation as a flash talk, please complete the registration from by 16.00 on April 28th. If you only want your slide to be displayed as a poster, just complete the registration form by the general deadline of 16.00 on May 7th.

The list of focus sessions already proposed are listed here: LSST:UK All Hands 2021 meeting : Programme