Rich Object Information

Each object in Lasair has a URL that contains it identifier. This one is At left is the light curve with each candidate as a red or white symbol, at right the positions associated with the candidates. On the light curve plot, you can click-drag-release to zoom in. You can also select “apparent magnitude” over difference magnitude; for more information see “Note about Photometry” on this page.

Further down the object page are coordinates, and a note about the nondetections, then the Sherlock context information (classified as NT), and the galaxy it is associated with. You can get all the onfon on the page in a JSON format. You can run conesearches in other astronomical databases such as Simbad, NED, TNS, and look up the objects in ZTF data release.

More information about the Sherlock crossmatches, and the AladinLite panel. You can see obviously that this object is associated with a galaxy. You can zoom arbitrarily in and out with the “+” and “-” icons on the right, and use the later selection icon to change the imaging background -- to see the galaxy in the DSS, SDSS, 2MASS and PanSTARRS.


Last the individual candidates, each with a datetime and magnitude through either the g or r filter. Clicking on the CandidateID gives more information (37 attributes) about each candidate. At the right is the image, each with three panels: target, reference, and difference between target and reference.